ENGLISH EDITION - Τελευταία νέα & ειδήσεις

A first-in-class US Navy supercarrier is about to set sail on its maiden deployment for the first time in over 40 years
Experts crack the secret to last letter of Mary, Queen of Scots before her execution (video)
Albania Accused of Closing Gulen School Under Turkish Pressure
A man’s cancer vanished after he was injected with a weakened herpes virus in a promising clinical trial
Million-Year-Old Human Skull Found in China Reveals Evolutionary Secrets
NATO: Sweden has authorized again the export of weapons to Turkey
The Times: Kalymnos, the best climbing destination in Greece
Maria Sakkari survives once more in Parma Ladies Open
Smyrlis: We’re ready to work even closer with the Greek diaspora
From Putin to Marlon Brando: The celebrities, royalty and politicians who’ve visited the Acropolis
Former German Chancellor Merkel: “European security architecture should include Russia”
Stefanos Tsitsipas sleeping…with Federer racket! (photo-video)
Excavation in Philippi: Impressive Roman statue of Hercules discovered (photos)
Post-COVID recovery forecast for hotels and short-term rentals in Europe (infographic)
Erdogan says he wants Turkey’s interest rate in single digits this year
Lockheed, Verizon testing 5G-linked drone swarm for intel collection
Rechargeable aluminum: The cheap solution to seasonal energy storage?
George Clooney reveals “terrible mistake” of letting twins learn a language he doesn’t speak
Scientists predict the hole in the ozone layer will close in the next 50 years
A hollowed-out gourd contains the blood of Louis XVI, or does it?
New trial finds first-ever Alzheimer’s drug to slow cognitive decline
AEK: The impressive photo from the lighting rehearsal at the brand new “OPAP Arena”
US spy planes appear to be monitoring a Russian enclave in Europe, possibly looking for signs of nuclear weapons activity
2,000-year-old mosaic found in Smyrna
Distinction for the Hellenic Tourism Organization’s Office in China
Russian forces on brink of encirclement in Donetsk town
The six-inch Black Hornet “microdrones” that can enter Russian buildings
Google unveils Greek investment
The most impressive waterparks in Greece
CD media continues on its growth path
Hurricane Ian batters Florida – Major catastrophes (videos)
4th leak reported on Nord Stream pipelines in Baltic Sea
Is Democracy in Decline? (infographic)
The Greek Fleet “sets sails” for the Aegean – The double crisis scenario with the departure of the Turkish Oruc Reis
A beautiful Japanese garden in Athens is a breath of fresh air (photos)
What a Trillion Stars look like: Here’s the sharpest view of the Andromeda Galaxy (photos)
Finland closes highway for fighter jet drill for first time in decades
Astir Beach: The star of the Athenian Riviera
Arming Cyprus is the next step to deterring Putin and Erdogan – Analysis
What fossils reveal about hybridization of early humans
Why Britain does not have a nuclear fleet to rival France
Dan Bilzerian spotted walking the streets of Mykonos
Syracuse University: Female Muslim students demand exclusive pool access
50 Cent and Konstantinos Argiros will perform together at OAKA
The New Holistic Face of Andros
Euro-Med leaders to express support to Greece against Turkish threats at Summit in Spain
The 2022 Greek Film Festival returns to Australia
Pilot shortage in Turkey…Retired F16 pilots recalled to service to fly ’s over the Aegean Sea
Evzones to visit Perth and South Australia
8 top Japanese restaurants in Athens
Thessaloniki has the biggest pizza in Greece
The Most Common Types of Cyber Crime (infographic)
Shock Video! ‘Juvenile’ Puts Gun to Commuter’s Head in Subway in US (warning: distressing footage)
PM Mitsotakis: The majority of member states support the gas ceiling – The letter of the “15” to the Commission
The most popular Greek destinations for a happy retirement
Energy Crisis – Nord Stream sabotage causes major leak – Seismologists recorded explosions (video)
A Chinese spy wanted GE’s secrets but the US got China’s instead
4th Century BC Greek Coin Recovered in Croatia
Has the mystery of Jane Austen’s death finally been solved?
Tom Hanks: I’ve only made “four pretty good” movies in decades-long career
Jihad Watch: Half of 2023’s USA Diversity Visas to be given to migrants from Muslim countries
Washington Examiner: Cyprus should get more US arms support – Analysis
NSRF: 1 billion euros for Greek SMEs in the next two months
Thessaloniki celebrates World Tourism Day with video clip
Greek hoteliers on World Tourism Day: Redefining the Greek tourism product is a strategic priority
Turkey: “Slaps” from the State Department & Commission to Erdogan – “Stop the threats”
“Greece is harbouring terrorists in Lavrio”, Turkish President Erdogan claims
Putin Grants Russian Citizenship To Edward Snowden
Athens’ tough response to Ankara: You are gathering a landing fleet on the coast & threatening with “casus belli”
Israel pilots robotic machine gun at West Bank checkpoint
How to see Jupiter’s closest approach to Earth in 59 years taking place tonight!
Greek-Turkish: Erdogan is escalating the provocations: “Greece is not equal to us, it has been dragged into a swamp”
Italy: “I am Georgia, I am a woman, a mother, an Italian, a Christian” – Watch Meloni’s viral speech (video)
The Progressive Smoke Bomb – Analysis
Real estate: Shop rents have yet to reach 2019 levels
Greek exports: Decrease for summer fruit
Economist Conf. – Fin. Min. Staikouras: GDP at 220 billion euros in 2023
Von der Leyen in Athens on Thursday
Defense News: Greece unveils new surveillance drone to keep tabs on its islands
Nurse Amy Hamm fights for sex-based freedom of expression today in Court
Lake Stymfalia: Mythical Greek lake of the Labours of Hercules
Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla gets Covid for a second time
Joe Biden’s “She Was 12 And I Was 30” Remark Shocks Internet (video)
Turkish UAV flies over Kinaros island
Where are the Global Super-Rich from? (infographic)
Discover an “unknown”, mystic side of northeastern Greece (photos)
Sharjah FC present Kostas Manolas as an ancient Greek warrior with his shield (photo)
Elections in Italy: Victory with 44.1% for the Meloni-Salvini-Berlusconi coalition
Greeks in Foreign Cockpits
Poland cancels Roger Waters gigs amid Ukraine backlash
Souvlaki shop in Ireland pays €2,500 salary for a wrapper
Greek American Pfizer CEO tests positive for COVID for second time
Dan Bilzerian is back in Mykonos: “Not married but fat”
Stefanos Tsitsipas on Roger Federer: “He was winning Grand Slams before there were iPhones”
The Greek Freddo Cappuccino conquered TikTok
Turkey continues egregious anti-Greek narrative claiming UAV photos show weapons unloaded on Aegean islands
The True Size of Africa (infographic)
Greeks vs. Chinese – Who is winning in the ‘battle’ of ship ownership?
Ukraine: Referenda continue in Luhansk, Donetsk and Kherson – Soldiers go door to door (videos)
Megalodon sharks ruled the oceans millions of years ago: Why did they go extinct?
Wannabe Crown Prince of Greece dances zeibekiko in London
Uber app records massive increase in tourist traffic in Greece
Kostas Manolas introduced to Sharjah FC as a Greek warrior
Giannis Antetokounmpo asked Kris Jenner for a role in the Kardashians reality show
GNTO Supports Sports Tourism in Greece
The Rooster Antiparos
Crypto ATM’s find limited success in Mykonos, Santorini and Crete
What’s in a Name? How 5 Greek Islands Got Theirs
Russia: Cry of anguish from Greek students – “Take us back”
The Umbrellas: Famous sculpture in Thessaloniki lights up in colours of the Armenian to mark Independence Day
Turkish Media ramp-up rhetoric against Greece – The US is surrounding us in Alexandroupolis, Crete and Cyprus
Bald? Don't despair, there might be hope...
Lefkada: Complete guide to the picture-perfect Ionian Island
Who’s Responsible for Space Junk? (infographic)
Giannis returns in cash to his controversial gesture towards LeBron
Art Book Fair in Athens
Singapore invests in Sani/Ikos
E-transactions bolster coffers
Three financial offers received for majority stake of Igoumenitsa port authority
Greece reduced natural gas consumption by 40% in September, Skrekas says
This insane new electric boat is basically a mashup of a catamaran, jet bike & hydrofoil
Why your mindset around failure can make or break your success
Hundreds arrested in Russia after Putin’s troops call-up order sparks protests
Physicists build an atom laser that can stay on forever
Harvard expert says Mark Zuckerberg is destroying Facebook
Two or more sodas a day linked to increased risk of death from cancer
International lawyers protest Turkey’s rights violations of Ocalan
Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill urges people not to see Ukrainians as enemies
Greek natgas provider announces 90€ subsidy per MWh for Oct 2022
Can wolves bond with humans like dogs? – Study
A large object landed on his sheep farm and it came from space
Azovstal commanders among 215 soldiers released in prisoner exchange between Ukraine and Russia
Deaths up by 6.26% in Greece in the first half of the year
The Most Expensive Influencers on Instagram in the world (infographic)