BULGARIA - Τελευταία νέα & ειδήσεις

Bulgaria and Turkey sign an agreement on cross-border cooperation against illegal migration
Heavy snow and high winds leave more than half a million households in Bulgaria without electricity
Bulgaria: Protest against police violence takes place in front of the Ministry of Interior
Bulgaria sends armoured personnel carriers to Ukraine, free of charge
24 injured and dozens detained after protest against Bulgarian Football Union
Burned cars and fights between fans, chaos outside the Sofia stadium
Speaker of Bulgaria's Parliament visited Mount Athos
Bulgaria, UK sign statement on strengthening co-operaton against organised crime in immigration
Bulgaria and Greece sign joint action program on tourism
Bulgaria’s Parliament gave permission for the purchase of Stryker armoured vehicle
NATO Deputy Secretary General hails Bulgaria’s contributions to stability in the Black Sea
Bulgaria: Mustafa Karadayi resigns as leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms
Bulgaria’s PM in Jerusalem: We are here to express strong support for Israel
Athens, Bulgarian Commerce & Industry Chambers sign memorandum of collaboration
Bulgaria: Government set the poverty line for 2024 to become BGN 526
Bulgarian SANS: Russian citizen Alexander Gatsak left Bulgaria today
100 years of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Turkey
Bulgaria: October 29 local elections: Voter turnout is 34,16% at 16.00
Bulgaria: Drugs worth nearly BGN 1 million seized in a large-scale special operation
Egypt and Bulgaria enhance cooperation across diverse sectors
Cost of living for a family of three in Bulgaria is BGN 2,600 per month
The first emergency medical helicopter in Bulgaria starts test flights in November