BALKANS - Τελευταία νέα & ειδήσεις

Bulgaria and Turkey sign an agreement on cross-border cooperation against illegal migration
Over 26 kg of cannabis near the border with Greece, the two Albanians who trafficked the drug were arrested
Ukraine and the Western Balkans top Blinken agenda for NATO foreign ministers meeting in Brussels
Sergey Lavrov allowed to land in Skopje
Vucic says Serbia will not let Kosovo into the UN: „I said 1,000 times that I will not sign off on it“
Heavy snow and high winds leave more than half a million households in Bulgaria without electricity
Albania: The Rama-Meloni agreement for immigrants - Activists protest in Lezhë, clash with the police
Skopje Says Blinken To Attend OSCE Summit That May Include Lavrov
Thessaloniki-Skopje oil pipeline to reopen after a decade of inactivity
Bulgaria: Protest against police violence takes place in front of the Ministry of Interior
Bulgaria sends armoured personnel carriers to Ukraine, free of charge
Serbia strengthens air defense, buys 11 Russian-made military helicopters from Cyprus
Croatian diplomat expelled from Serbia for espionage
Vučić to Stoltenberg: We don't take orders, it is up to us...
Stoltenberg kicks off Western Balkan tour – to visit Skopje on Tuesday
Albania's Prime Minister discusses the issue of Fredis Belleri with "France 24"
24 injured and dozens detained after protest against Bulgarian Football Union
"Kosovo is not alpha and omega..."
Burned cars and fights between fans, chaos outside the Sofia stadium
Speaker of Bulgaria's Parliament visited Mount Athos
Azerbaijan: Serbia is the 8th European country that supplies natural gas from us
Former Montenegrin PM says his life is threatened
Romanian Air Forces: First live firing with Patriot System
Bulgaria, UK sign statement on strengthening co-operaton against organised crime in immigration
The FM's of the EU and the Western Balkans will meet in Brussels tomorrow, the program is revealed
US looking into allegations of Serbian companies violating sanctions on Russia
Bulgaria and Greece sign joint action program on tourism
Bulgaria’s Parliament gave permission for the purchase of Stryker armoured vehicle
"Mr. Rama's anxiety was not to lose the municipality of Himara", Fredi Beleri speaks to the Greek media: I cannot be kept in custody for so long with the testimony of a person convicted of fraud and theft
NATO Deputy Secretary General hails Bulgaria’s contributions to stability in the Black Sea
Skopje’s Army General Staff considering new military aid to Ukraine
British media comment on Edi Rama-Georgia Meloni deal
Bulgaria: Mustafa Karadayi resigns as leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms
Bulgaria’s PM in Jerusalem: We are here to express strong support for Israel
Italian media reveal the behind-the-scenes: Here's the truth about Giorgia Meloni's holidays in Albania
The Serb List with Bakoyannis: The Serbs in Kosovo are in the worst position since 1999
Kurti welcomes Bakoyannis: Kosovo’s accession to CoE is a historic process
Bulgaria: Government set the poverty line for 2024 to become BGN 526
Bulgarian SANS: Russian citizen Alexander Gatsak left Bulgaria today
Kosovo: Special police units demand an increase in hazard compensation
Montenegro releases two suspects for war crimes in Kosovo
100 years of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Turkey
Albania leaves the "grey" list, but money laundering remains a concern in the economy
The Serbian government falls, the proposal for the dissolution of the Assembly and the announcement of elections is submitted
North Macedonia is at the same level as Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia and Moldova in the latest list of the Rule of Law Index
Bulgaria: October 29 local elections: Voter turnout is 34,16% at 16.00
Bulgaria: Drugs worth nearly BGN 1 million seized in a large-scale special operation
Edi Rama: I congratulate PM Kurti for accepting EU proposal
Serbian Defence Minister demands Kosovo’s border to be guard only by KFOR
Skopje: Pensioners protested with empty jars of winter preserves
Albania:The former prime minister refused to go to court, lawyers reveal what awaits Berisha
Dozens of Albanian criminal 'heads', equipped with Greek police identity card
Skopje: VMRO-DPMNE Leader Mickoski says No One Has Right to Present VMRO as Theirs, Particularly a Neigbouring Country
How the Albanian language was included in Harvard University and the role
President Vucic Discusses Belgrade-Pristina Tensions with EU, US Representatives
Anti-Drone Defense System Will Be Installed In Romania
Ηow many ministers the Albanians will have in Montenegro
Cost of living for a family of three in Bulgaria is BGN 2,600 per month
The first emergency medical helicopter in Bulgaria starts test flights in November
Serbian Government denies PM refused photo shoot in Tirana
Defence Minister Tagarev and US Ambassador opened a Bulgarian-American training on strategic communications
French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in Albania
Tirana Hosts Berlin Process Summit
The Berlin summit in Tirana, comes Ursula von der Leyen's reaction after the conference with Rama